Benefits to Having Your PMP

For the last five years I’ve told myself, “I will get my PMP this year,” but I have yet to make the time for it. Over the years I talked to many, many people who went through the PMP process. There really are many benefits to having your PMP certification. Here are a few:

  • Gain confidence as a project manager.
  • Establish your command and understanding of common project management vocabulary
  • Connect with the wealth of project management resources, research, and best practices through PMI

Almost 40% of projects don’t meet their purpose or goals. There are many reasons a project fails including poor schedule, ineffective quality controls, lack of qualified resources, poor communication, supply chain breakdown, inadequate planning, and many more.

According to the 2011 IT Salary and Skills Study conducted by Global Knowledge and Tech Republic, adding a project management certification to your IT certifications can increase your pay by 12% and have other benefits:

  • Certified PM professionals are more apt to say their certification has been beneficial to their career path and that it has had a positive impact on their salary vs. certified IT personnel
  • People with project management certification are almost twice as likely to hold multiple certifications across different categories
  • They are less likely to feel their certification was overrated
  • Professionals with the PM certification have been in their current career 40% longer than those with IT certifications
  • 68% of certified project management professionals are managers compared to 39% of people certified in IT  being managers
  • If you have a PM certification you are twice as likely to be a middle manager, three times as likely to be a senior manager, and two times as likely to be a senior manager over someone with just an IT certification

According to PMI , Nearly 75% of executives believe their company’s performance could improve if their employees gained certain key skills*. One of these critical skills—project management—can enhance your marketability and give you the flexibility to move across projects, organizations, industries and geography.

So, if you meet the qualifications, why not get it? 2012 is my year.  I am finally going to take the time to take the exam!

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