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You work for Global Knowing Ledges. Using TFTP, you have loaded a new operating system (the name of the new IOS is “bootmeup”) into one of your 2811 routers. The current operating system that loads is the first file in flash. The newly loaded operating system is now the last file in flash. You want the router to boot using the new IOS. Which of the following commands will cause the router to boot using the new file?

  1. router(config)# boot flash:bootmeup
  2. router(config)# boot system:bootmeup
  3. router(config)# boot image bootmeup
  4. router(config)# boot system flash:bootmeup
  5. you must delete the old operating system before the router will boot with the new operating system


The correct answer is 4.

The boot system flash:bootmeup command causes the router to boot using the bootmeup file in flash memory.

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