Sunday Precon and Day One at IAUG

Wow…  when 45 people show up to hear about SIP Fundamentals at 8:00am Sunday you know that is a topic that is definitely on a lot of attendees’ radar. For many it meant travel on a Saturday and an extra hotel night, not to mention getting up very early on a Sunday. Thank you, IAUG conference organizers for having lots of coffee available! Thank you attendees, for being so engaged in my presentation and for asking such great questions.

Based on feedback I received the attendees all felt the investment was worth it to learn about this very up and coming protocol. The 4 hour Fundamentals of SIP preconference workshop has been popular at the last several IAUG conferences. It covers the problems SIP is designed to solve, SIP features and benefits, SIP architecture, the language of SIP and Avaya SIP Solutions. Why do people attend?  Some are curious about SIP as a technology, some are preparing to set up SIP services in their network, some are there because it is a business imperative. I think that everyone in communications recognizes that SIP is a key technology in the evolution of a converged solution.

SIP is everywhere at the IAUG conference. There are more SIP workshops put on by Avaya and Avaya users than I have ever seen. From what I saw today, the SIP workshops are full to overflowing. I expect to see the same level of interest at the trade show.

This promises to be a great IAUG conference.

IAUG Tradeshow Day 1

From the view of tradeshow activity at the GK booth 1030 this is going to be a very busy couple of days. Yesterday was a long shift, and the time flew by as we were visited by so many enthusiastic attendees. There is a large contingent of GK employees here this year. We have a mix of instructors, product management, and sales and marketing staff, and representatives from both the Canada and EMEA interests. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with our fellow employees that we seldom see face to face and to offer a wide range of support and skills to our current and future customers.

It was great to see that many of the people who visited us weren’t just there to see what goodies we were giving away. Sometimes day one of a show can get a bit crazy that way. There were a lot of questions about Avaya training classes and SIP. The Avaya training demands are increasing, and we look forward to adding more classes to our already busy schedule.

Today is a double shift day at the show. If we get the same level of interest as we had yesterday, and I am sure we will, it promises to be an energizing positive experience. If you haven’t done so, please come by and see us at booth 1030. Not only can we give you proactive assistance with your training requirements, but we can also give you a trade show gift as an appreciation for spending time with us.

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