How Secure is Your Mobile Device? Six Tips to Increase Security

Over the last few months there have been plenty of reports of vulnerable mobile devices and operating systems. Without actually chunking your device and living without technology, what can you do to raise the level of security?

  • Add a password — This simple act can go a long way in securing your device whether you lose it, it’s stolen, or someone tries to access it remotely
  • Keep the OS updated — At some point vulnerabilities in your device’s OS become exposed, and patching is the best way to address these potential problems
  • Avoid storing sensitive data on the device — Without data like account numbers, social security numbers, and passwords an attacker is limited in what they can access and use
  • Avoid public WiFi — While it’s free, there’s a much higher risk that someone may eavesdrop on the connection
  • Use SSL — Encryption makes it harder for for hackers to get into your phone and lowers your chance of attack
  • Disable Bluetooth
  • — Bluetooth is great for hands free use in cars or uploading information to your computer, but it also gives hackers access to your device. Disable it when you don’t need it

While these tips won’t prevent all problems, they are a good start in securing your mobile device.

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