SharePoint 2010 – What Is It and What Can It Do for You?

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SharePoint 2010 is “in marketing speak” Microsoft’s Premier Business Collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the Web. But what does that really mean, and how can you make life better for yourself and for your organisation by implementing a SharePoint infrastructure?

Document Management the Easy Way

SharePoint can be as simple as a web site created to make it easy for you to share project document information with your colleagues, or this could be scaled to a fully managed document storage system — implementing auditing, version, and approval controls. Blogs, Wikis, and search facilities can all be added with little effort to provide an excellent collaboration solution.

Development and Applications

If you’re a developer then SharePoint exposes a full Application Platform to allow you to interact with SharePoint to take advantage of, for example, the List (tables) storage structure to allow your applications to utilise SharePoint’s data handling capabilities and its integration with Microsoft Office Suite. Develop extensive InfoPath electronic form applications implementing multiple workflow scenarios with either no coding at all or use your .NET skills to code sophisticated applications.

Business Intelligence and SharePoint

Use SharePoint as a Business Intelligence (is this a contradiction in terms?) platform to centralise your company statistics and Key Performance Indicators, to allow easy controlled access to critical business data. Look at the integration of Excel and Visio to empower your business analysts to display detailed business information and give them some time to learn so they can fully utilise all the capabilities!

As an IT Professional the design of your single SharePoint Foundation server or your multi-server SharePoint farm is an interesting but can be a challenging task to seamlessly integrate all of the Search and Integration features of SharePoint 2010 into a robust, scalable, and resilient platform. Learn how to design your system and at the same time discover the PowerShell interface with SharePoint 2010, which allows easy and powerful administration of your SharePoint sites.

The main thing is enjoy SharePoint and let it integrate your business systems.

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