Second Opinion – You’re Not Always the Expert

“Get a second opinion,” he tells me. But … but … I am pretty sure. I went over it a few times in my mind and on paper. How bad can my decision be?

Is your gut right?

Find yourself in a situation where you go with your gut feel? Feeling a little acid build up? Feeling a little squeamish? Maybe, just maybe, you need to ask someone else, maybe a few people who have some experience and can lend their opinions.


If you seek another opinion, you have to listen with an open mind. Don’t just listen to whoever fortifies your ego-driven decision. Accept your own, very human behavior of letting your own biases control your decisions.

You probably surround yourself with people you trust, but, like you, they too are biased. Get a fresh perspective once in a while. What have you overlooked, underestimated, misinterpreted, assumed, or guessed at that others, including outsiders, will be able to see?

I’m not really biased — am I?

Admit it! You are biased in almost every decision! You probably put way more weight on your data than any other person’s data if you think you know something about the issue.

Everybody does it. Everybody can have an opinion. Everyone probably sees it from a different perspective, so why not try to harness all that extra power? Be humble, be open, be more careful, and be diligent. Reduce the surprises later.

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