Controlling Data Center Costs

Amr Ibrahim is a Global Knowledge instructor who teaches and blogs from Global Knowledge Egypt.

Back in 2008, Gartner released statistics that showed 70 % of Enterprise data centers will face billing issues by 2010. If we examine the problem more closely, we see that any data center has two main components: the network and the applications.

Networks consume around 14 % of energy, but applications consume around 70 %! In most data centers, we have one physical machine running one service DNS/DHCP/FTP, and this service consumes only 5 % of total physical resources — which means that the other 95 % is wasted.

We need to make use of these wasted resources. We need to reduce power bills, we need to decrease the number of servers, and we need to increase utilization. Is this possible? Virtualization could be the answer.

Virtualization also comes with its own challenges as it changes the current data center architecture to merge storage, network, and application roles.

Cisco has a complete portfolio to support the new data center architecture. In my next blog posts, I’ll discuss each one of those products’ benefits and how they can simplify the transformation process from current data center architecture to future data centers.

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