Operating as a Better Boss: Good Facilitation

One of the really obvious qualities of a good boss is his ability to run a “good” meeting. Everyone who’s been to a good meeting usually remembers it as a pleasant experience.

Facilitating meetings between people for status updates, analysis, brainstorming sessions, emergency conferences, customer meetings, executive meetings and all the other get-togethers required in business is an art that needs to be understood and followed.

Planning is paramount.

Who has to be there, and who should be there if some power struggles or technical issues arise? What is the expected outcome, and what might derail the plan? Why is this meeting necessary, and how efficient can we make it? What information do the participants need in advance and/or at meeting time for the meeting to be effective? And… what risks or surprises should we be prepared to deal with, such as conflict, politics, time constraints, fatigue, passing the buck, etc.?

Being a good manager usually includes the ability to keep a meeting on task, keep the delegates engaged, and ensure the outcome is delivered as expected. Accept that the odd meeting will not go as planned… and learn from it. Analyze the lessons learned. You only get better if you plan to succeed.

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