Being a Better Boss through Listening Skills

How are your listening skills these days? Can you hear what your staff, clients, co-workers, and superiors are saying?

  • Do you tend to fight back when an issue becomes personal?
  • Are you quick to retort if pressed?
  • Are you easily poked; can anyone get a rise out of you?

Think back: when did you last have time to really sit down and think through a serious issue? Spend some time trying to understand what you don’t know before trying to come to a conclusion?

One of the most important skills as a manager is listening — listening to your people, your clients, and your inner self. Relax, take your time, listen, take notes, and probe the subject with the people you’re listening to.

Surprise yourself with a thorough analysis after listening to everyone who is a stakeholder (the requirements analysis portion of any project). Using your analysis, you can build a plan. But you have to listen to the stakeholders to get to this point — so do it more often!

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  1. Marian Thier Reply

    Not only is listening crucial, knowing how you and others listen heightens your ability to connect and create mutual meaning.