Mark your Calendar for World IPv6 Day

Now that the IANA (International Assigned Numbers Authority) doled out the remaining blocks of IPv4 addresses, it’s time for companies to get serious about IPv6. To help companies prepare their services for IPv6, the Internet Society is hosting World IPv6 Day on June 8th.

For this one day, major web companies and popular sites, including Google and Facebook, will offer their content over IPv6 (in addition to IPv4) to gauge how their sites perform. Yahoo!, Cisco, Juniper Networks, and Microsoft Bing also agreed to participate.

If you use any of these sites, it is hoped you won’t notice any changes on June 8th. If you do experience connectivity issues, you can disable IPv6 or ask your ISP to address the problem. In the meantime, if you want to test how IPv6 will impact your connectivity, you can visit an IPv6 test site.

I ran the test on my computer, and these are my results:

Looks like I would be in trouble if everything switched to IPv6 tomorrow. What results do you get?

We’re planning to host a webinar on June 8th to support World IPv6 day. Details on the webinar will soon be available in our Knowledge Center.

Guest Blogger: Alison Grimme

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