Virtual Business Cards

Now here is something very cool from the Microsoft Learning – Virtual Business Card.  Now what, may you ask is a Virtual Business Card?  They are a tool that you can use to create, customize, and share your credentials online in a visually striking manner. Everyone who has an MCP or MCT profile can now create their own cards.  Virtual Business Cards (VBC) is now live and exclusively available to all Born to Learn readers and MCTs

This card is intended for use on online properties like your email signature, blog, forum signature, etc. You can share this card via a simple link, an embeddable javascript card, and in image (PNG) format.  You can choose to download the image or link it off our server.  As long as it’s hosted on our server (e.g you didn’t download it), we can even push updates or changes to your card to all of the places where you’ve used it

Each Virtual Business card will have its own associated profile page.  The profile page can act as your online-resume. You can select what certifications appear on this page and you have open space to enter whatever information you like, like your resume or recent accomplishments. You can even include a link to your official transcript. Since this page is hosted from a Microsoft-owned URL, this is your way to show that it’s official information

You create and customize your Virtual Business card through a step by step process – all of your personal information is optional and you can enter whatever you like – after all – it is your business card.

I think this is a great idea – with lots of potential – we just need more certified individuals to take advantage of this!


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