Cisco Unity Tools Depot

There are various graphical user interface (GUI) applications that can be used in Cisco Unity that will assist in the administration, management, troubleshooting, reporting, and integration of Cisco Unity.  These tools are accessible via the Cisco Unity Tools Depot in Cisco Unity.

When you launch Cisco Unity Tool Depot from the Unity program group on the Cisco Unity server, the Tools depot defaults to Tool News.  If the Cisco Unity server has Internet access, the depot cross references the various tools against a database at  A revision history is displayed and updated versions of the tools can be downloaded.  Jeff Lindborg maintains the Cisco Unity Tools website where you can sign up to an E-Mail distribution list where you are notified of updated tool availability automatically via E-Mail.

The Unity Tools Depot is a tabbed page.  On the left hand side of the page, you will see the various tool categories.  This information is displayed in the screen capture below:

In the screen capture below, I accessed the Administration Tools folder and single clicked the Advanced Settings Tool.  A tutorial will be displayed on the right hand side of the page that will explain the functions of the tool.  At the bottom of the page (on the right hand side) there is normally a revision history of the tool.  Additional information and videos regarding the tool usage are available at (click the search icon and perform a search on the tool name). The tool can be launched by double clicking the icon on the left hand side of the page.

There are a lot of great utilities in the Cisco Unity Tools Depot. My personal favorite tool is the Port Status Monitor.  You can learn a lot regarding Cisco Unity’s operation by running this tool and analyzing the output when calls are placed into the Unity system.

Have fun playing with the tools.


Author: Dennis Hartmann

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