SharePoint 2010 here we come!

Microsoft held its’ SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas on October 19-22, 2009.   At the conference, Steve Ballmer announced the Beta of SharePoint 2010 (as well as the beta of Office 2010).  This is all very exciting news as the current version of SharePoint is feature rich and powerful as it is.  As a friend of mine once told me “SharePoint is not a product you use – it is a lifestyle!”  I couldn’t agree with him more.

Some of the new features in SharePoint 2010 include:

  • Ribbon User Interface: Microsoft specialized toolbars will theoretically allow users to customize their SharePoint sites, as well as boost their workflow speed via customized tabs.
  • Deep Office Integration: As mentioned above, Microsoft has concentrated on including functionality in the new version of SharePoint, such as social tagging and document lifecycle management, that will add another layer of suppleness and functionality to Office 2010.
  • Built-In Rich Media Support: SharePoint Server 2010 will support SilverLight as well as video and audio content, supposedly making it easier to construct Web sites with dynamic content.
  • Web Content Management Features: SharePoint Server 2010 will leverage Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, an updated version of the guidelines that explain how Web content developers and authoring-tools builders can create Web content accessible to people with disabilities. It will also include multi-lingual support and one-click page layout.
  • Business Connectivity Services: Connects line-of-business data and Web services to SharePoint Server and Office 2010 capabilities.
  • Rich APIs: In addition to support for SilverLight, SharePoint Server 2010 will also support Representational State Transfer (REST) and Language Integrated Query (LINQ) for application-building on the SharePoint platform.
  • Enterprise Features in SharePoint Online: Allows for the sharing and management of interactive forms across an organization via integrated features such as Excel Services and InfoPath Forms Services.

Now what, you might you ask, does this have with Microsoft Certifications?  Well, you can be reasonably assured that many of these features will appear in certification exams (and in the SharePoint Master’s program, when it is updated to include these features).  Right now there are two tests on the horizon for SharePoint 2010:

  • 70-667 TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring

(Which will cover configuration of SharePoint 2010 including deployment, upgrade, management, and operation on a server farm)

  • 70-668 PRO: SharePoint 2010, Administrator

(Which will cover advanced SharePoint 2010 topics including capacity planning, topology designing, and performance tuning).

Microsoft Learning has once again made available some interesting Learning Snacks on SharePoint 2010 – enough to yet our appetite for yet more! (Links in the titles below)

Good luck learning about SharePoint 2010 and preparing for the new exams – expect Beta exams soon on SharePoint 2010.


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