And you had doubts about the worth of your Certification

There are many naysayers out there.  You know the ones I am referring to – the ones who doubt certifications *really* make a difference or worth the time and effort.  These are also the same ones who would probably remember the Paper-MCSE days of NT4 as well.  Whatever their gripe might be with certifications – the certifications are not going away, their worth will most likely increase and there will always be some certifications deemed more valuable than others.

This was illustrated recently when Channel Insider released their list of the Top Ten Most Profitable Vendor Certification.  You can probably guess most of the top ten – Oracle, Cisco, VMWare, Dell, IBM etc, but who was number 1?  Which Vendor had the most bang for its buck?  Guess who was number 1? – yep – you’re right – Microsoft.   The Microsoft Certifications were seen as the most valuable – as if there was any doubt…..

So the naysayers have been proven wrong.  There is a great deal of value in Microsoft Certifications and Microsoft Learning has been going to great lengths to install value and worth into their certifications.  The days of the paper MCSE are long gone.  Performance based testing (connecting to a “live” system to perform tasks as part of the test) ensures that only those with hands-on experience will succeed.

-Randy Muller

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