Project Management and Procrastination

Procrastination… my old friend.

Every project I work on has milestones that seem to arrive at quicker pace than I can keep up. All of this is mostly due to procrastination – and maybe a little to do with perfectionism – but mostly just good old laziness. Almost anything is more fun than going back to try to finish that project lurking in the background of my mind, irking me as I move on to other, more interesting activities…like getting a drink or something to eat, walking my pencil around my desk…

Everyone experiences these days of wallowing in the sun and basking in past glories. They are just ways to recharge, refocus and get going again. Eventually, the hectic pace will return, and the lack of focus will pass. My usual method of dealing with procrastination (write a list out and start checking items off as soon as possible by taking the easy ones first and building up momentum for the final, dreaded activities) seems to usually work for me!

How do you handle your procrastination? I welcome your tips!

From David Egan

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